Nail Laquers

Fast Delight

Impeccable design and perfect hold are the features that distinguish the Gamax professional laquers, with a choice of nuances that perfectly describes the authentic Italian nail style.


Fast-Delight's semi-permanent line interprets perfectly the needs of contemporary, committed and demanding women in search of innovative solutions to take care of themselves without waste of time.

Very pigmented, brilliant and long-lasting colors that apply in a blink of eyelash: application in 30 minutes for 3 weeks duration.


Acquista Ora

Acquista Ora

Colour Gel

With over one hundred nuances, no customer will ever remain without the tonality he wanted: highly pigmented and polished, the Gamax gel pads are distinguished by the vibrant personality of each single color. The base line is joined by glitter, pearl, metallic and neon glitter gels.

Acquista Ora